Get Rid of Harmful Mold Hiding Out in Your Home

Get Rid of Harmful Mold Hiding Out in Your Home

Ask about our mold remediation services in Ocean Township, NJ

Mold spores are found naturally in the outside air we breathe every day. But when those spores become concentrated in a home and latch onto a damp environment, they can grow to toxic levels.

First Clean offers comprehensive mold removal and mold remediation services throughout the Ocean Township, NJ area. You can count on our crew to rid your house of mold and cleanse the area to prevent future mold growth.

Call 800-309-3881 now to get started on your mold removal work in Ocean Township, NJ. A trusted member of our crew will gladly give you a free estimate.

Choose a company that puts your safety and satisfaction first

Mold can cause a member of your family to get sick and develop respiratory issues. In serious cases, mold can even cause permanent health problems. To make sure your home is truly safe from this threat, you need to work with a company that cares about more than its bottom line. First Clean is that company. You can count on us for thorough mold remediation work.

When we come to your home in the Ocean Township, NJ area, we will:

  • Assess the area and decide whether we need to seal it off
  • Seal it off with plastic sheeting if necessary
  • Remove the mold and add negative air filters to the space
  • Apply antimicrobials to the area
  • Hand-clean the space after applying the antimicrobials
  • Clean the space again to make sure all mold is gone
To reach our mold removal company, call 800-309-3881 today. We'll do everything we can to keep your home safe from toxic mold.